“I am a proud Muslim” Ever heard that declaration before? I have. It is very funny. From the parallels in the Koran and Bible to the very convenient things that Mohammad says Allah says about Mohammad. It is hard to believe anyone identifies as a Muslim in anything but a mumble.

I can easily picture a group of Muslim men in a mosque surreptitiously eyeing each other. And the thoughts that must be passing through their minds.

Is anyone buying this?

I better keep quiet or one of these true believers will cut my head off.

I’m not blowing myself up for this.

Just kick in $10 for the IED then marry one of Ahmed’s widows.

Islamic civilization is anathema to Western civilization. And I want to do something about it. But my Old Master frowns on indiscriminate violence. Also, it is the Muslims’ go to move and I don’t want to be accused of stealing it.

What else is there? There is always laughter. I am going to make it so that “Islam” is the punchline to a very long, inbred, stupid joke. People aren’t going to throw their lives away on something they know deep down is a joke.

I’ve developed an affinity for limericks into which I am going to incorporate the ludicrous elements of Islam. It is semantic nonsense but things are truer when they rhyme. We can disseminate them via social media in meme form. The goal is to erode their faith in Moohammad and his moon god.

There is a second class of limericks which are just insulting (the best limericks are always vulgar) and would just infuriate Muslims. Which is not the reaction we want. What we want is to shrivel their zeal for Islam not stoke it. These ones are just for our amusement (and therefor I will post them as text and not images).