Mohammad’s Bitch

Mohammad's Bitch

The title is deliberately ambiguous because I like that kind of thing. Who’s Mohammad’s bitch, Zaynab or Zayd? Zaynab is being treated by these men and by god as chattel. Zayd is being silently pressured or is giving away his wife to ingratiate himself with a man.

This also doesn’t strictly follow the A A B B A rhyming pattern of the limerick. ‘Plow’ is missing the ‘-ed’ but it still seems to register as a rhyme in the mind with ‘Allow’ which is then followed by the ‘-ed’ suffix.

Once again Mohammad is telling the Muslims that Allah commands the thing Mohammad wants.

First of the 10-Minute Revelations

I’d like to see this go far and wide across social media. This limerick is based on the convenient timing of one of the many things that Mohammad claimed “Allah” told him.

I’m toying with calling such incidents the “10 minute revelations”.

Nakhla Raid

This begs the question, if you can murder infidels and steal their property in a sacred month when fighting is forbidden, what is a Muslim allowed by his god to do to infidels the rest of the year?

This won’t be the last time you see this pattern from Mohammad. The righteous refusal of some good which cannot be had lawfully. Followed 10 minutes later by a special revelation where Mohammad gets permission from god himself.