Mohammad’s Bitch

Mohammad's Bitch

The title is deliberately ambiguous because I like that kind of thing. Who’s Mohammad’s bitch, Zaynab or Zayd? Zaynab is being treated by these men and by god as chattel. Zayd is being silently pressured or is giving away his wife to ingratiate himself with a man.

This also doesn’t strictly follow the A A B B A rhyming pattern of the limerick. ‘Plow’ is missing the ‘-ed’ but it still seems to register as a rhyme in the mind with ‘Allow’ which is then followed by the ‘-ed’ suffix.

Once again Mohammad is telling the Muslims that Allah commands the thing Mohammad wants.

Pawn to E4

Mohammad said he was in the bible.

I should have done this years ago. We shall see how long it takes to pull together.

Mohammad said he was in the bible.
But this was self-serving babble
The record was checked
His story it wrecked
Twenty thousand records cry libel

I don’t know if you are aware of this but there is this religion called Islam that seems to be causing a lot of trouble. The baffling thing is it isn’t even a good religion. The limerick above points this out.

Mohammad claims to be the seal of the prophets who is prophesied in the religious texts of the Christians and Jews. These texts don’t do that. Muslims claim the scriptures have been corrupted. This is an admission that the texts as they exist don’t support the claims of Mohammad.

Surah 10:94 “If you were in doubt as to what We have revealed unto you, then ask those who have been reading the Book from before you: the Truth has indeed come to you from your Lord: so be in no wise of those who doubt.” This verse implies a Muslim shouldn’t have any problem checking the Bible to see that it agrees with the revelations of Mohammad.

Problem. The version of the Bible we have today traces its origins back to centuries before Mohammad was even born. And there are over 25,000 (not 20,000, I just wanted to avoid the extra syllable) manuscript documents of the New Testament. This makes the fiction of corrupted texts impossible to maintain.

Mohammad is a fraud. Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Happy Easter, Everyone.